Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Do we really know how beautiful our Malaysia is?

Last week was a tiring but an enjoyable week for me as I managed to travel to the north of west coast (except Perlis) and then down south. It took me ten days to complete the route. That was the first time I traveled to so many places with such a small budget within 10 days. Strangely, I learned a lot from this trip instead of just enjoying it. This trip had put me into thoughts about Malaysia. I haven't been to overseas a lot, but just a few such as New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. But this trip had really made me realize how beautiful Malaysia is. A lot of people would like to travel overseas for the sceneries and for holidays. I'm in this group of people as well. However, my perception changed after this trip. I realized that there are still a lot of beautiful places in Malaysia that we haven't been to. Why would we want to travel overseas to enjoy the sceneries when we haven't really know how beautiful Malaysia is? Every Malaysian would tell foreigners that Malaysia is unique, with breath-taking picturesque sceneries and bla bla bla. But have we really ever been to these places to really see it and feel it? Some people can't afford to travel overseas to see and enjoy a different environment, but hey, there's always our own hometown to go. I'm not surprised that some people don't even know where to take their friends to in their own hometown. Why? This is a question that every Malaysian should ponder on.
Before making it to other countries, it's always wise (and should be made a habit) to really see things around us, the places and the people nearest to us, which is our own beloved hometown. Malaysia is a gifted land with the tropical weather and hence the high biodiversity from terrestrial to marine. Every corner in Malaysia has something to see and to enjoy. Breath-taking waterfall of Lata Kinjang, shiny beautiful beach around Penang National Park, muddy but unique mangrove of Larut Matang and even cool, misty hill of Maxwell, to name a few. In this 10-day trip, I've really seen all these places and I bet that not many are lucky to really enjoyed this. Well, I guess I would be doing more trips around Malaysia, before heading overseas so that I can really tell people around the world, how beautiful Malaysia is, and how lucky that Malaysians have privilege living on such a wonderful land. Moreover, travel around Malaysia is definitely cheaper than going overseas! Think about it!

Lata Kinjang waterfall, Kampar, Perak

View of Batu Ferringhi from Lighthouse in Penang National Park

Thank kew 4 sarpoting ah, come again oh!


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