Friday, 31 October 2008

Middles Rock Expedition (27th - 30th Oct 08)

I never thought that I would have the chance to be the first few ppl to dive in Middles Rock, after that area was given to Malaysia (and Malaysia lost Pulau Batu Puteh to S'pore). It was a risky trip, simply because of the time of the year where monsoon is hitting, and also it was spring tide where the current is very very strong. Some may think that this is crazy or some would say, "what do we have there? there 's nothing but just rocks". Well, u'll never know when u dont get down there to see it for urself. (Unfortunately, i have no photos at the moment as i have not collected from the underwater photographers that was with us).

Middles Rock (Batuan Tengah) is just south of Pulau Batu Puteh. There are two rocks, approximately 250m apart from each other and one being bigger than the other. There were not much biological information that can be found on Middles Rock (just try to Google it). The diversity of the Middles Rock, I would say is quite high (the data collected have not been analysed, so it's not justified at the moment). Based on the Reef Check system (which I was assigned to do), it shows that the coral system there is doing quite well despite of the high siltation. The size of the massive and boulder corals are damn huge! (some are bigger than me!) So we roughly know that the corals there were not very much disturbed yet (let's hope it will remain that way) and have existed for thousands, maybe even hundred thousands of years. Surprisingly, despite of the high diversity of corals, I din managed to spot big fishes (all <>

Friday, 10 October 2008

For you...

Some would reach for the brightest star,
Some would even be the brightest star,
Just to light you up,
But I know I don’t have to reach the stars,
Or even be the brightest one,
Just to light you up,
Simply because you are already the brightest star shinning,
Instead, I chose to be the dull moon,
So I can light you up whenever you are in the dark.

Some would promise you forever,
Some would even give you forever,
Just to make your life happy,
But I know I don’t have to promise you forever,
Or even give you forever,
Just to make your life happy,
Simply because you already have my forever,
Instead, I chose to give you today,
So I can make you happy everyday.

Some would run a thousand miles,
Some would even crawl a thousand miles,
Just to bring you their love,
But I know I don't have to run that far,
Or even crawl that far,
Just to bring you my love,
Simply because you are already my love,
Instead, I chose to give you my heart,
So you can keep my love with you...forever.

*This is dedidated to YOU, dear, as YOU were the one who inspired me...and gave me happiness, I never had in my life*

Sunday, 5 October 2008

7th CC in memory!...

I was listening to the songs in my laptop, and out of random, 7th CC song was being played. The song suddenly reminded me of my days in 7th college, and thus inspired me to share my experience here.

CC, in short for Chinese Community (now as Chinese Cultural Club) was a
community where the Chinese of 7th college organize activities based on cultural and celebration themes. Sometimes, v also hv some gatherings to celebrate (u knowlar, Malaysian Chinese always like to celebrate) say, seniors for convocation, seniors who are leaving college, or even juniors coming into college. It was kinda fun to have these activities that touches the heart. Of course, the existence of CC had caused some commotion among other races, sad to say, especially the Malays. I still dun understand, why they always question the existence of CC or even IC (Indian community) when they themselves have Balai Islam (and its religious). CC and IC activities have always been touching on culture, celebration and sometimes gathering for friends…no religious nor political agendas. Whenever we question back on Balai Islam but why not there’s CC and IC? They would always answer, “Perpecahan kaum”, or even said..Balai Islam is open for all but CC and IC are only for one race…(such a lame excuse).

I have this belief, “perpecahan kaum” doesn’t happen just because CC and IC existed. In fact, having CC was even an easier platform to form unity. It gives the opportunity, especially those Chinese educated ones, to understand the mindset and culture of other races. This is due to the platform of CC to explain and slowly nurture the knowledge among the Chinese. Besides, the existence of CC also helps to protect the welfare of the Chinese, when sometimes decision of the college admin was done solely based on the easiness of Malays (I hv to admit these do happen). Very good example… college can only serve halal food, so they sumtimes tend to serve beef as the only meat. They never thought that beef was considered ‘non-halal’ to Indian and some Chinese. But they still serve them. Another one is spicy food. It’s normal that Chinese don’t usually manage spicy food…but they never cared about this. All of the students paid the same amount of fees and should deserve the same fair treatments.

However, I hope that my juniors in college now, could still protect the existence of CC and the welfare of Chinese since the college din really care much of the minorities. And hope they do not misuse the platform for political or racial agendas. Sometimes I felt disappointed when some juniors with college posts, are more concerned about their posts rather than the welfare of the students (I’m referring to all races). They tend to be the ‘yes boss’ type and more worried of losing their posts rather than worrying about the welfare of students (how would the country be like in future, since they will be the future leaders).

Back to the main topic what I wanted to share is that how CC had played a part in changing my life. I was brought up in a more Malay lifestyle, and even had the malay mindset. Until I got into UM, I finally discover the true Chinese inside of me. I become more aware of Chinese culture, and their history. I even now regretted that I cant read in Chinese. Their language is so wonderful and very meaningful in expressing the right feelings in words. The idioms, usually in fours can already described precisely the right expression and feelings.

Joining my friends in CC had brought me to understand how important closeness of a family and friends. The moments shared between us were more to pure feelings in the heart. I get to understand, life is meaningless without friends. One of the big projects which had an impact in my life was MKC (Malam Kebudayaan Cina). Not only I get to understand the real Chinese culture and history..but I get to understand my friends. Closer than before. Sad to say now, some juniors now even told others “I’d been busy for few months, but dunno for wat”. To me, it was a worlds most stupid phrase. It showed how now people carry out projects blindly. During my time, we put every effort into making MKC a successful project. All efforts and even our hearts into it. To me personally, MKC have taught me about life…how to deal with friends and the joy of making sumthing successful. The whole CC was working with each other, although usually the 1st years are the organizers and do all the performances.

MKC preparation was challenging. That was when where we would hug each other for a task comp
leted. Or even held each other’s head on shoulders for a task not completed. Or even cried together in a group for a task failed. There were even times we would quarrel for clashed opinions. All these were best times in CC…the effects were very obvious right after the day MKC was over. Everyone, including seniors were in their tears right when the night was finally over. The 7th CC song was loudly sung by all of us, as it was the first time this song was played in the public. Then followed by Za’ba College anthem…which even made our tears running even faster…there were so much memories in college and in CC…too much til I can’t bear to see all these spirit no longer exist within the hearts of 7th residents.Time flies and the generation had changed. Some of the juniors now refused to listen to advices, claiming them as brainwashing. They tend to see things by effects on current conditions rather than thinking the consequences in future. It’s good to have changes, but changes will then have to achieve its new objectives. What’s the point of having changes, when the objectives would be the same or even worse. Some may condemn me for what I’ve written but I hope they realize their actions before condemning. The younger generations now tend to pint point on others mistakes without realizing that they also have responsibilities. To forgive someone’s mistake is hard, but to admit own mistake is even harder. I hope the current residents of 7th would start to learn 3 important things:-
  1. Make decisions and changes, bearing in mind what are the outcomes in next few years, not within the same year…
  2. Fight for students welfare, not for protection of own position..
  3. Carry out projects by putting the heart to achieve them, not for the sake of just doing it..
I just hope our juniors will in the end turn out to be a successful and unselfish leaders, as the future of our country lies within the hands of these future leaders.

7th CC ho seh,ho seh, ho ho ho seh!

Thank kew 4 sarpoting ah, come again oh!


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