Friday, 20 June 2008

Ubah Gaya Hidup!

Wow, it has been a tough week last week...two consecutive field trips, followed by RIKL Introweekend (visit for more info on Introweekend). But addition to that, wonderful things had happened and it was a great week. Fuh!

For the whole past week, despite being busy with work and camp, still managed to chit chat with some friends and some people. It's kinda interesting to realize something. I finally realized that the Malaysian have a bad habit, a habit of wasting things. Ok, maybe not all as i dun hav the statistics here but generally (if u agreelah), Malaysian waste five things: W.F.E.E.T. - Water, Food, Electricity, Energy and Time. Few examples to show these.

Water - I was away on field trip in Pantai Kelanang and stayed at Golden Hope Research Academy's Visitors' lodge for 3 nites. There were two more ppl, practical students who have been staying there for sumtime dy (i just go tumpang there only). When i got there, i was surprised to hear heavy water leak in one of the bathrooms. So my senior (who came along with me) asked what happened to that bathroom. One of them who stayed there for almost 2 months, simply just ans: Tak tau, saya tak pernah tengok pun. Saya pun tak report kebocoran. To my surprise, he answered just like that. From my senior and my observation in that bathroom, it has been leaking for quite sumtime and even sum fungus which i suspect was Stachybotryus (google it or look for sick building syndrome for more info) that will cause serious illness. Infact it was coz of the heavy fungus smell in that bathroom. Other incidents are usually seen in my own residential college, where usually i was the one to report and get it fixed (sad). Sumtimes in shopping complexes which i've seen in MV, where the tap water will be flowing all the time bcoz of the eroded rubber. Isn't it like pouring money down the drain? Hmm...r v really wasting water? Isn't it time for all of us to change?

Food - Oh, this happens everyday, everywhr. Try searching in the bins, i'm sure u'll find leftover food. I'm sure everyone agrees. I thank my parents for teaching my siblings and i not to waste any food. Since young, we all were forced to finish our meals even if we were really full. My dad used to say, "who told you to take so much? If u can't finish it, then dun take too much". I really thank them for this lesson. Until today, my siblings and i will finish every single bit of leftovers, even a small grain of rice. But how malaysians do generally? I can just look out on the canteen by my lab window, and i see plates of extra rice. Another very clear house! Free food! Everyone rush to get food, fill the plates like hills, sum even looked like Mount K. In the end, all ended up not just in the stomach but black plastic bags! I'm sure u have to agree with me on this.

Electricity - Oh this is even worse. Some of us can't stand the heat outside and usually turn on the air cond to the coolest. I understand it's hot and humid in msia but v can save it by using it necessarily. Not all the time v have to use at coldest temp bcoz this will use up more electricity. Not only that, some ppl leave the lights on although it's bright enough. Or even leave the fans turned on when there's no one in the room. I admit i did that in college but now i realized how wasteful i was. And how many of us malaysian are aware with "Earth Hour"? I did my part, by turning off the all electricity in my room (infact, i went for a walk so that i'm not boring in the room) and my floor (but of course, sum idiots turned it on again) for at least one hour. But how many did?
Energy - Well, sumthing similar to electricity, but i think i would refer this to petrols. I was chatting with a friend and she brought up an interesting point. She said that we Malaysian should try not to depend too much on petrol. In the past, people dun hav to worry bout food because almost everyone knows how to get food from natural resources. But now, without petrol, u cant get food. Besides, global warming only happened after introduction of petroleum. Nowadays, petrol has become more important than anything else. Ppl have been complaining...but try this, ask any of ur friends who studied economics, n see whether if they tell u the price hike is needed or not. Try it, dun just guess. Even another friend of mine, told me that the subsidies given by the gov has been like giving opium, everyone gets addicted to it.

Time - Well, what do Malaysians do in their free time? Government servants (not all, ok...just sum) sitting in the office, shaking their legs doing nothing. One ad in TV regarding false emergency calls..there was this guy had nothing to do in office, so he called up 999 and made a false fire report to entertain him. This was a good ad. Well, we should start thinking on whether should v change our lifestyle?

Think again, or observe around. Some may not waste anything but also play important role in influencing others not to waste. Or v choose to blame the government for not looking after our welfare? Or some even blame the education system for not functioning in teaching on these matters. Some even blame the society is spoilt itself (but society includes u and me rite?). Should v keep pointing fingers on others? Not fingers, it's finger..coz when u point one finger on others, three more fingers are point back at us n one more pointing downwards (is there anything down there? i dunno). Think bout it, it's time for us to UBAH GAYA HIDUP. Change our lifestyle, play our own part and see how we can make a difference.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Price hike for petrol...good or bad?

Everyone are now making a big havoc after the announcement of the price hike for petrol. Everyone complains and are making a big fuss over it. I understand that. The increase of price of petrol will indirectly affect the increase of price for food and other necessities. But personally, I beg to differ in this case.

There are a few points to support my opinion. First, the increase of the petrol price would indirectly reduce the air pollution especially in KL. In order to save money, car pool is one of the best ways. By doing this, not only one would save loads of money, but at the same time reduces traffic jam and also air pollution. Everyday when I travel on a bus around KL and busy areas in Selangor, I find that one car contains only one person (that's the driver of course). I can tell it's really hard to find one car which is full with 5 people. Let the maths do its job. If one car can fit 5 people, that would reduce 4 cars on the road. So, if we have 50000 people working everyday, wouldn't that reduce the number of cars on the road by 40000 on the road? Think again, it's Malaysian attitude that always point fingers and blame others but they never look for opportunity to improve themselves. I felt that Malaysian are more 'kiasu' that Singaporeans. I really hope that this move will start to enlighten drivers to car pool everyday, to reduce expenses on petrol and at the same time reduce air pollution. We don't see the obvious effects of air pollution, but our children or even great grandchildren will suffer by then.

The second point that I would like to highlight is usage other means of transportation to work. Some people, and I really mean it, that some people stay near to the working place still prefers to drive and it's annoying to see them drive alone. Wouldn't it will be healthier to walk, or even cycle to work? Don't give lame excuses that the weather is hot and such. BULLSHIT! Office hours starts at around 8.30am, and definitely we start our journey earlier, which at that time, the weather is still cool. And also lame excuse that have to wake up early. Usually we do wake up early to avoid traffic, or caught in traffic. Tired is another reason. Research have found that if we exercise more, then we wouldn't get tired quickly, in fact we'll be more alert. So think bout it! LRT and buses are available. Why not make full use of it? Yes, the system is not that good in Malaysia, but if we create the demand, don't you think that the system will improve? Do anyone know that the current public transportation is actually suffering losses because the demand is less? Same cases in overseas. In KL, only about 10% of the population in KL is using the public transport. Well, if these suggestions weren't good enough, then maybe we should go back to the stone age...and travel like Wilma and the Flintstones. Good for the environment, and also for our health. And no need to worry bout parking skills.

Third point, I really hope the government will use the reduced subsidy in petrol to subsidize other more important necessities such as food. I personally felt that this is more important. Coz food prices are going up. So if the government is increasing the petrol price, I hope that the government will subsidize food prices instead. We need food more than petrol! We can take petrol to live, right? Besides, petrol is running out in next few decades...better save it for later use. And pls Malaysians, don't waste food! Take what ever you can and pack whatever u can't finish so can finish it later.

Last point, I dun think that the government will be so stupid to purposely raised the price. The last election results showed that the government shouldn't mess with the Rakyat. And I believe that this time they are doing changes for the benefit of the people. Maybe I'm wrong, but time will tell. Who knows. So whatever it is, the increase of price of petrol may not necessarily be bad. Think again, for the environment and for the future. Think long term, we don't live forever.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Malaysia still very racist?

These two articles were taken from The Star Online...

Monday June 2, 2008

Malay students affected

PETALING JAYA: Increasing the quota for non-bumiputras for Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships without increasing the actual number of scholarships has drastically affected the bumiputras, the Umno Youth Education Bureau said.

Its chairman Ahmad Ikmal Ismail said while the bureau agreed with the Government to give more scholarships to non-bumiputras, it did not agree with the way it was done.

“The quota for non-bumiputras has increased from 10% to 45% but the number of total scholarships has remained at 2,000.”

Ahmad Ikmal said this meant that scholarships were being taken from the bumiputras to be given to the non-bumiputras.

“We object to this move because it now means that 700 scholarships for bumiputra students are gone,” he said.

Ahmad Ikmal said a better way would be to use the New Economic Policy concept to increase the number of total scholarships. He said this was to ensure that the bumiputras were not affected and the non-bumiputras would get even more opportunities.


Tuesday June 3, 2008

MCA shocked by objection to PSD move

KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA is saddened and shocked by an Umno Youth leader’s objection to the fairer distribution of Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships for all races.

MCA Youth education bureau chief Dr Wee Ka Siong said the last five years had seen an expansion of PSD scholarships from 900 places in 2004 to 2,000 this year.

“The decision to increase the percentage of non-bumiputra recipients is in tandem with the rise in the number of scholarships. It is a win-win situation for all,” said Dr Wee.

He was commenting on the statement by Umno Youth education bureau chairman Ahmad Ikmal Ismail that increasing the quota for PSD scholarships for non-bumiputras without increasing the actual number of scholarships had drastically affected the bumiputras.

Ahmad Ikmal added this meant scholarships were being taken from the bumiputras and given to non-bumiputras.

Dr Wee, who is Deputy Education Minister, said outstanding bumiputra students should not worry about being deprived of a scholarship if their qualification met the criteria set out by the PSD.

He added the PSD move would also ensure a more level playing field because when more competition prevailed, students would be encouraged to perform their best.

Dr Wee also said the MCA supported the PSD move as a step in the right direction.

He said Malaysian students must strive towards achieving meritocracy in applying for government scholarships, just like the criteria for intake into public universities.


These two articles showed how Malaysia is still not ready to accept the fact that race should not be a matter of issues in terms of opportunities for all. After 50 years of independence, Malaysia is still the same as 50 years before. Singapore, achieved independence later than Malaysia, but progressed faster than us. Why? One of the reasons, in my opinion is because the issue of race and opportunities. Up until today, the ‘higher ranked’ people judge us by our race and not by our abilities. If you’re good, talented but not the same colour, then your opportunity is taken away. As for this case, if the number of PSD scholarship increases, then wouldn’t that mean there’s no changes in opportunity at all? What difference does it make in terms of percentage? Yes, this move will reduce the number of bumiputras but if we consider that so many years ago, the non-bumiputras have lost even more opportunities of getting scholarships to the bumiputras. And, there’s always a question that wonders, does bumiputra here refers to single race malay or the natives that have been occupying the land even longer than the malays? Just look at the title…Malay students affected. Have we ever really taken into consideration of the real bumiputras which are from Sabah and Sarawak? It is obvious that this is a single race issue. However, my comments here are not meant to side the non-bumiputras, but instead it is my wish to see the country progress without even looking at what race we are. In fact, I would suggest removing the quota and giving the scholarships based on meritocracy, which means all are given equal opportunity. I also understand that the non-bumiputras would now be afraid that the judging panel would be bias if there’s no quota at all. But it is time for Malaysians to trust each other, and be mature enough to accept openness. Therefore, I hail all Malaysians, to put aside our race, compete fairly and equally to develop ourselves and our beloved country. Put our country first, not race. For without the country, we may not be standing here enjoying what we have. Malaysia is for all, a non-racial country, not a multi-racial country.

Thank kew 4 sarpoting ah, come again oh!


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