Monday, 9 March 2009

Death of BM or death of Science n Maths?

As i was goin back to PD, i managed to catch a glimpse of what i call 'idiotic' protest. The protest, or better called as 'death procession' because of the fake coffin being carried while marching. I find this protest was a waste of time...and a mark of death for the future of science and mathematics in Malaysia.

Massive protestors near KTM Kuala Lumpur

While catching a glimpse of the march, i was one of the innocent victims got hit by tear gas. The wind was blowing hard, and carry the smoke of tear gas right to the place i was waiting for bus. I thought something hit my eyes...but when i saw alot of ppl rubbing their eyes, i knew it was tear gas.

Look at the smoke of the tear gas shot...

More smoke around the area...

I even managed to catch a glimpse of fire engine spraying water to disperse the crowd but it seemed unsuccessful. These ppl are stubborn. The funny thing is if they are protesting against using English in teaching Science and Maths, why are they shouting "God Almighty"? What does that have to do with BM? From that moment i knew that this was politically moved. Why are these politician so selfish and never think for the future of our students?
I find these protestors mostly are non-scientists. In scientific field, peer-review is very important in research. Almost all the journals reviewed are in English. This is very important to justify the research. If Malaysians can't master these subjects in Eng, how are we goin to compete with scientists of other countries? How are these journals being accepted into international standard when Malaysians are only competent in BM? We want our uni to be on par with other uni around the world, bt if our journals are not being reviewed by others,we will never achieve that. Besides, there are scientific terms that are not avaialble in BM, for example evolution and centrifugation. Not only tat, most of the scientific books are written in English. even Darwin's evolution theory was written in English. If they want BM as the medium, can these books be translated into BM but still maintains the same meaning and explaination? But most importantly, can they translate fast enough or it will take years to do so?

FRU truck loaded with FRU personnels

FRU personnels coming out to stop the crowd

For the sake of the future of our students, in the scientific field, English has to be used as the medium. I strongly urge, those who supports the use of English, to stand up and speak out more intellectual manner, not like these street demos. Most of them are well educated, but act like monkeys!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Za'ba RC- Chapter 2: Malam Kebudayaan

There it is again, every year around this time, the nites in Za'ba RC will not be silent anymore. This is the time of the year, where Balai Za'ba will be transformed from a normal outdoor experimental stage into three different cultural houses. 3 cultural performances, for 3 consecutive nites all under one roof...there's no other place where we can find sumthing similar.

Just imagine, the same stage...transformed into 3 different villages. The first nite, u see a Malay village, the second nite, u'll see an Indian village, and 3rd nite, u'll see a Chinese village. All under the same spot, the same environment, the same building (almost collapse dy) with the same trees. U dun have to go to India to see India, dun have to go China to see China....u can see all just three nites. That's what makes Za'ba a special place, with special spirit can't be found elsewhere.

It's hard to describe the feelings, but when u're there...even if u're nt involved, u can feel the aura...what makes it more special, is the aura lasts for 3 nites. This year it was more special. Bcz the challenge is - the weather. It's uncontrolled. Rain. Rain. Drops of rain. Instead of bringing down these tough 7th residents, it brought them together.

I missed MKM because of the rain as well. No transport to get to college. Would have been to support if there's transport. However, I found that they did quite well. The next nite, instead of goin to 12th to watch MKTH, I opt to go MKI. Because it's more special. They were great. Their dances were energetic and filled with stories. I even danced and sort of 'SS'. My body kinda can't control itself. Unfortunately, i had no camera to put up some pics. Even more sad, I had to leave early coz i was taking a ride home from a friend.

3rd nite, was MKC. Every year, excited to wait for MKC, bcz i was involved back in 2005. I know how it feels. When i arrived, and heard the college and cc song, my heart moved. Bcz there were so much memory in there. Every spot in college, there'll be a story to tell. For the first time..MKC was moving around the college. From Balai Za'ba to Dewan to basketball court to carpark. Things were out of control...and got confused. But the spirit of keep goin, grew stronger within the souls of these juniors. Too many sleepless nites to sacrifice...they won't give up to stop.

What struck my heart was...i heard: some juniors who at first didn't want to join MKC...suddenly miss MKC. They now understand how MKC changed their lives. So shame on those who didn't want to get involved in MKC. What was disappointing, was some juniors, who arrogantly refuse to join MKC came down to watch, wearing MKC shirt but not helping at all. Instead they sat down among the audience. These are the people who will fail in life, who will gain nothing but regrets. I know coz, MKC changed my life. And i've seen for my own eyes, ppl changed after MKC. That's what makes 7th Malam kebudayaan special than malam kebudayaan found elsewhere.

Thank kew 4 sarpoting ah, come again oh!


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