Friday, 24 April 2009

Removal of 30% Bumiputra Equity

Thumbs up for the bold move done by our newly appointed PM, Datuk Seri Najib. However, the big question mark is: Political move or benefit for the people? Lets view things on a positive side. Malaysian have a typical mindset - complaint. When the government make some good decisions, people will complain that this is just for political gain. But when they made a bad decision, people will complain the government is lousy. Why don't these people step out and take over the job for a day then?

To me personally, I would view this on the positive side. Why? Simply because I believe that this move is the beginning of a new Malaysia. Give it a chance. This is a big step. Removing something that is an advantage to certain group of people is not an easy decision. All these while, the bumiputras (or rather just Malays), are gaining on this advantage. Now, the bumiputras have been doing very well in Malaysia's economy. Now is the time, for the bumiputras to show that they can also challenge the so-claimed "Chinese are good businessmen". There are some very successful bumiputra businessmen, such as Celcom, MAS CEO. So no complaints.

With this healthy competition in 27 service sub-sectors, it would be an advantage for Malaysia to move a gear faster. Malaysia had been 'idle' for the past 51 years when countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore had slowly overtaken Malaysia. Now, with the economic down turn, this would be the high time and best option to make this move. The higher the competition, the more the economy market will run.

On the other hand, I personally hope that any one sub-sector will not be dominated by one race, especially Chinese. It is impossible to say that there's no one good from other race. I'm very sure, that every race has people who are tip top in certain field. Now that the government have lifted the bumiputra equity, it is time for the people in this sector to prove that they are not biased as well. If they still practice one race domination, then it shows that the problem lies in the mindset of Malaysians.

Let us all take a good look in the outcome of this move. Better economy and better racial integration or the other way round? Those in the subsectors, please practise healthy competition, and share the wealth together as one Malaysian.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Thanks.. 9th april

Wow, i didn't realize it was more than a month ago since i last blog...
Time a blink of an eye, i'm already 24 years...infact, just turned 24. Didn't realize i'm that old already...hehe

I just want to thank my friends for all their wishes on my birthday. Some of which, i din manage to reply, pls forgive me. Its not that i forgotten, but i could have just missed out some of u.

I'm not a person who's very fond of celebrating birthdays, and usually that makes me tend to forget my close friends' birthday. Sorry. This is sumthing i learn in life. Some likes to celebrate birthdays, simply bcoz they felt glad that they get to live for another year. On the other side, some don't like to celebrate bcoz they are getting older. To me, it doesn't really matter bcoz life is exciting. Not just on that birthday. Infact, i should thank my mom and dad on that day, bcoz if it wasn't bcoz of them, i wouldn't be here anymore. Maybe next year i should thank my parents on my birthday.

Me and my dear at San Francisco Steakhouse in Tropicana City

This year's birthday is a lil special. Get to celebrate birthday with my lovely gf. Though it wasn't a big celebration, but its meaningful. Had a candlelight dinner. Then blew the candle at a park. I kinda like it this way, bcoz i dun usually like crowded places. So, turning 24 on 090409 would be a day i'll remember..(what a serie of number). Thank you so much, Kuan Ching for ur simple but lovely and meaningful celebration. Love U!

The cake my dear bought for me

Me making a wish...hehe

Famous people born on April 9...
Dennis Quaid - American actor
Robbie Fowler - ex Liverpool, Leeds, England striker
Rachel Stevens - S-Club 7 vocalist
Linda Chung - Hong Kong actress

Historical day on April 9...
1413 - Henry V was crowned King of England
1867 - Alaska was purchased from Russia by America
1940 - WW2, Germany invades Denmark and Norway
1941 - The Philippines fell to Japan in WW2
1992 - Conservative Party won British's General Election for 4th straight time
2003 - Baghdad falls to America
2005 - Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles


Thank kew 4 sarpoting ah, come again oh!


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