Monday, 29 December 2008

I will not forget you, auspicious 2008

Goodbye, auspicious 2008. U have been a wonderful companion for me. I'll never forget what had happened throughout the times u were around. It all started when i decided to let everything go. Before i came to know u...i really had a bad life, infact the worse. Bcoz of u, i get to know, how to let to put aside and to start anew.

When i first embrace ur presence, i told myself, i'm gonna be someone better, someone new. With ur help, i managed to change myself. With ur presence, my life transformed. Miracles happened, love came, efforts were repaid.

Academics, i tot would end in regrets. Instead, i managed to get the best out of it, i din believe myself. For the 1st time and only once, and that was the last semester, i got dean's list. I never had the time for academics, as my time was given to everyone else.

An accident happened, i could have lost my life..thanks to Lord Buddha, i was saved by His blessings. Miracle happened, i escaped unscratched. But moments before, it could have been the last thing i remembered in life...the spinning of the car, the roll and impact, window shattered and flashes of memories in the past. I began to appreciate things even family, my friends, my companion...everything around me, my life.

Then came love, u gave me a new hope as i was giving up...u brought someone special to my life, someone who had taken away my heart. She was just perfect, and everything i needed. She gave me happiness in life, appreciation and spirit, motivation and determination. She became a companion where i finally can share my ups and downs with.

Friends u became, and friends u brought. As i was leaving campus, u showed me that i do have friends around. People who appreciated my presence, my help and my friendship. However, it was slightly too late as everyone are heading their own paths. But the moments spend with them, are unforgettable.

Happiness u brought to my family too, i get to be involved in a wedding i'll never forget. My only brother's a truly malaysian manner. A mixed culture wedding, though its not new, but its an everlasting memory. Happiness filled the air of my family.

But life is fair, u never let anyone go away with good things in life...u let me taste near death, u let me suffer loss, u let me embrace embarrasement. U brought down my ego, u put my heads low, and u let me suffer loneliness. I understand...bcoz u are just being fair. But i wonder, how fair it would be, when ur younger sister takes over from u soon. Now u r leaving me...soon, very soon. I hope ur sister would treat me just as nice, just like u, 2008. Ur older sister, 2007 treated me badly, but i understand...that she wanted me to change. Then u came, and i'd changed. What more can i ask from u? I just hope 2009 will teach me more, but not harshly. i will be a tough ride. Thanks for all that u've given me. I appreciate it, i treasure it. I'll never forget u, 2008. Goodbye and viva forever...

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!!

I would like to wish every one visiting this page, a wonderful and merry christmas...not to forget a wonderful new year as well!...I'll be back soon to blog again...enjoy your holidays!!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Za'ba RC- Chapter 1: Nama diabadikan...

Di sini bermulanya langkahku,
Menjunjung cita,
Perkasakan aspirasi negara,
Lahir generasi berjaya, bersemangat waja,
Kami berpadu, minda dicurah...
Akan kami sama buktikan,
Tuju kecemerlangan

Za'ba nama diabadikan,
Kolej menjadi kebanggaan,
Akan ku mahkota harapan,
Impian tradisi warisan...
Pelbagai rupa dan bangsa,
Hidup sejahtera,
Bersatu....bersama....Di Kolej Kediaman Za'ba...

Every year, around this time, where everyone else are at home, celebrating 'Dong Zhi' and Christmas, i would be at my 2nd home, Za'ba college. i used to be 1 of the first to come back during holidays and usually 1 of the last to leave. Not that i love the college so much, but i love the environment, the spirit of its residents and its tradition (although the facilities were quite outdated). During this time of the year, i would be busy practising Ethnic Creative Dance (Tarian Kreatif) for UM Festival of Performing Arts Competition, representing Za'ba RC (for all 3 years of undergraduate). We are famously and proudly known as Za'ba Dancers.

Top: Girls dancing by standing on top of guys (that's me!) in Lingkaran Hidup 2006
Bottom: Three men tier, bottom (me), 2nd level (Ah Guan), 3rd level (Wei Yee) in Kalong 2008

Top: Celebration after the dance, 2006, we're the Champions!
Bottom: Celebration with friends, 2008, 2nd runner up.

The moment i first heard the college song, (lyrics above) i felt a strong bond with it. I knew at that time, that this is the college, where i will build my foundation. And i knew as well, that this is gonna be the place where i'll face the brightest and darkest days of my campus life (or maybe i'm just bit different from others). How deep my bond to college, is indescribable with words. i would term it this way; if i were cut, i bleed Za'ba. It is that deep. At least for me, it is that DEEP.

To some, Za'ba RC is just a normal residential college. To most, especially ppl like me, Za'ba is a home. A home where all brothers and sisters, with different races live together as one. When one insults our college, the whole college will be all out to defend. It is THAT, that feeling i doubt i will find elsewhere. Some will opt to move out by 2nd year, but most will fight to stay. In their mind, they say i know in their heart, it's just the spirit. How do i know that? From their involvement in college projects and the will and heart they put, in making college project a success.

Some of the best photos of college project NVC (National Varsity Counselling).
Top: Just got down from plane in KK, Sabah.
Bottom: Makan-makan in Ranau.

Below 1st pic: The crowd during opening in Kuching.
Below 2nd pic: That's me giving counselling!

The day we left college, the final day, i remember, i was in tears...i know the 3 years when i was there, i've stamped a mark in that college (though i know, the current admin trying to wipe out my name in college) so does it stamped its mark in my heart. Friendship, life, organizing, family values, love....all these, i've learnt from this college. No doubt. i can still remember, every single moment i had in that college. I could still see the shadow of myself, what i was doing at every corner of the college; my rooms (A425, A305, A205), lobby, tennis court, IS, Balai Za'ba, basketball court, futsal court, BRP, adin kemas and peka rooms, girls block (ok, i only go in during open floor and spot checks, that also being accompanied by fellows).

i came to UM with a mindset, not on academic only...but life as well. As the saying goes, the best youth life is campus life. That's where we meet our true friends, our love, our reason for living. But how many share the same feeling as i do? How many would appreciate this chance? We come to uni only once in our lifetime...and that's it. You'll never get it back. We only appreciate things when they are gone, and even if you get them back, they would never be the same anymore.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

A Wet Weekend...

This is how i spend my weekend, a wet weekend...

Saturday, 13th Dec 2008
i went to my first live concert...coz i got free tickets:-
'Shi fen hong' Padang Timur, opposite Amcorp Building

My first concert...a wet one, look at how we had to take off our shoes on a wet field...

My friends that joined me...Poh Suan (left) and her hometown friend

Look at the crowd...still big crowd although after rain

Emil Chau, the artist to start off the concert

Next, Fan Wei Qi from Taiwan

Then, Vincy, Singaporean born Hong Kong artist...

...with a "V" balloon made for her by her fans, crazy!

Our local cantonese rappers...Manhand

Another local artist - Danny Wen Li Ming, not chinese educated, he's famous for the song Siapa...

Y2J, from Taiwan, created the blast of the nite with their powerful high key voices
But i hav to leave early from the concert, worried that i would miss the last lrt...
and there it goes, my first live concert...which i'd never planned to go, but not gonna waste free tickets

Sunday, 14th Dec 08
I went to watch Amnesty International Human Rights Day Celebration at Annexe, Central Market:-
Here i am, waiting for LRT...on a rainy day

Below are some of the art works in the exhibition that interests me...either from their pictures, or even their phrases...
"Real men don't rape"

Everyone has the right to live, the right to be educated, the right choose our own belief, the right to express...get to know ur rights...n fight for it.

That's how my weekend goes...quite 'syok'! woohoo

Thank kew 4 sarpoting ah, come again oh!


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