Saturday, 31 October 2009

October - the month of Actions!

Came October, and now gone October. Just realized I haven't blogged for 2 months! Some friends even tease me "when is ur next episode of Scientific Expedition?". I just said, "I've got no time to write la". I now realize, that writing a blog, is not that easy, when you have too many things to share, and yet to many things to do. I always wonder, why I have not enough time? Was it because I'm not good at time management? I guess so.

Well, this month have been hectic. Within two weeks, I've been away from my 'base' 2 times. First, Bangkok for Asian Youth Climate Workshop. Then, barely a few days, I'm on trip to Langkawi already. Jetlagged, but work needs to be done. People may envy me, for travelling a lot. But I always say, "this is my job, my can do the same if you really want".

To make things short, this month have the month of actions, and not just talk. It's quite inspiring how I made my mind, and decided to take bigger actions after I came back from Scientific Expedition. Thanks to Abe, who told me about, and I got a hook on it. All these while, I've been doing small small things that is not enough. Now, having the capacity with UM Cares, and eco-active friends from out of campus, I think I finally achieved something. The feeling is so different, so much different. It was even more different than getting the 'Braille walkway' done in campus. Maybe because this time I'm involved in the process of the action.

As the saying goes, picture paints a thousand words. I'll just gonna put up some link and photos to end this time's blog.
The big march in Bangkok to UN building during UNFCCC (5th Oct)

Freeze for Earth as part of our actions of awareness to push for 350 ppm of CO2 in the atm. Took place in KL Sentral and KLCC.

Thousands over candles lit in KPS,UM to mark UN day, and represent hope that we can achieve 350 ppm

The jump of joy as event ends...over the banner that I and Jimmy put on to the pole
another 350 made by that we can feel the sand with our barefeet, and enjoy the nature before it's gone

Links to videos on youtube:

That many videos? Well, at least that's what my passion goes to. Lets save our Earth before its too late. Not for us, but our children's children.

Thank kew 4 sarpoting ah, come again oh!


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