Tuesday, 30 March 2010

White Poison Chapter 1 - How "they" became poison in UM

This article is my personal view, and are based on my own reading, judgement, and personal communication with related parties.

People keep saying - USM has started, UUM started, UTHM also started why UM can't follow them?

USM started the "white coffin" campaign back 2008 when students managed to get their VC to ban the product.

In UM, the scenario is a bit different. I was (and currently still am) a student in UM from 2005. I stayed in 7th residential college, one of 9 colleges that has canteen rather than cafes. To us, "white poison" was not an issue. This is due to our canteen uses plates and no food packaging. Even when we need to pack food (due to class schedule, we might miss our meal time), we usually gave our OWN CONTAINERS to the mak cik canteen and they will pack into that container. So it was never a problem to us. Up til today.

So, how did "white poison" became poison? It all begin with cafes, found in the other 3 colleges and all faculties. It was never a serious problem (referring to the amount), until 12th college started to use polystyrene plates, in 2008. There are a lot of versions, from different parties, why the operators convert to use polystyrene. I summarise as below:-

1. Students steal the plates and bring them back to room
2. It's costly to bear the dish washing stewards
3. Not hygienic because of the improper cleaning of plates (complaints from students)
4. Covenient because it's disposable

Thus, when USM champion the "white coffin" campaign, UM is the other way round, sing more polystyrene than before. So, we are running on a different lane. So, I try to find out the problem. Here I summarise why people still prefer using polystyrene:-

1. Not enough space for eat-in during meal times, so, tapau (with white poison)
2. Convenient because don't have to wash (just throw, but infact students just leave it on table)
3. Don't have to carry own container everywhere they go
4. Lazy go back room to get own container
5. Lazy to wash own container
6. Not hygiene because of improper cleaning
7. Not aware of what white poison can do to the environment and health

Those are the reasons I managed to find out. We did a short survey, and found out that we use at least 1 white poison in every 20 seconds. During semester break (80% of students are back in hometown), we use 550 pieces of white poison in ONE MEAL SESSION (dinner) at one residential college. I'll let you do the calculation, when UM is full of students.

polystyrene will not decay even after storm, rain and etc.

we use so many white poison, until they are much longer than the Kancil

this is how much we use during semester break for just one dinner in one college

imagine 365 days in UM...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Baruk - Kebangkitan semangat padu

Bermula dengan sebuah kelahiran
Titik permulaan suatu lingkaran
"Lingkaran Hidup" suatu perjalanan
Tanpa sebarang hala tujuan
Tanpa mengenal maksud keperitan
Mahupun erti kegembiraan

Perjalanan bagaikan air mengalir
Mengalir mencari destinasi
Seperti "Rejang" yang terus mengalir
Biarpun jauh, tetap mencari
Mencari sesuatu erti
Kehidupan di dalam diri

Dalam pencarian bertemu jalinan
Membina suatu persahabatan
Bagaikan "Kalong" sebuah lingkaran
Yang mengikat setiap jalinan
Merapat setiap perhubungan
Mengerat setiap persahabatan

Keeratan memberi kekuatan
Tuk membina "Baruk" yang satu
Yang menyimpan sebuah kebangkitan
Kebangkitan semangat yang baru
Yang sentiasa akan dihidupkan
Setiap kali gong dipalu!

Friday, 12 March 2010

A Passion for Dance

Dancing have always been my passion, it's in my blood (i guess). I always have been doing dancing alone, so I could express my feelings thru my body. But things have changed after joining Tarian Kreatif. After dancing in Lingkaran Hidup, Rejang and Kalong, I've learnt a lot in life, met new and wonderful friends.

Dancing in a team, requires different skills. We may not be the best dancer, or even a good dancer, but if we dance with our hearts out, to tell audience a story, that's the best dance ever. Each character on stage carries a message, a spirit and a life. Thus, it requires effort and understanding in a team.

Though, I felt like retiring at this term, but my passion somewhat tells me that do not give up. Just dance and tell another story for another year. To my team mates, do not give up as well. How much effort you put in, will return you the equal results. But do not disappoint others, especially those who have been working hard to tell their own story. Let's strive together to write our Za'ba story on stage on the 17th March, in the hearts of the audience, so they'll remember for life!

Tarian Kreatif, Hidup Hidup Hidup!

Thank kew 4 sarpoting ah, come again oh!


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